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Anne Todd EFT

EFT or "tapping" is a quick and effective way of dealing with a wide range of issues. EFT is a talking therapy but is different to traditional counselling or couples counselling, especially in the speed of the results. Clients learn helpful messages to quieten the mind and techniques to tap on themselves when they are feeling stressed or need a boost of confidence. EFT can assist with pain relief, addictions, emotional eating, low self-esteem, relationships, phobias, childhood trauma, loss and separation, anxiety, depression, bullying, post traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, preventing anger from escalating and any number of life's challenges.

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Motivation Coaching

Motivation Coaching supports clients who prefer a talking session rather than "talking and tapping" with EFT. Receive practical help to increase motivation, self-esteem, persistence and resilience - all necessary ingredients for success in any area of your life. Improve relationships, especially the relationship you have with yourself! Coaching can be applied to physical or emotional health, achieving weight-loss targets, smoking cessation, studying and career decisions. Clients can choose their preferred approach - either EFT or Motivation Coaching or a combination of both!

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How It Works

Ask yourself what is the main area of your life that is causing you distress. It could be something currently in your life or it could be an issue from long ago that still troubles you from time to time.

Step 1
Step 2

Sit down with Anne and briefly discuss where you are struggling and would like help. Choose whether you'd prefer EFT (talking and tapping) or Motivation Coaching.

Let the real work begin! Anne will ask you to say some things out loud. Any anxiety or scepticism will soon dissolve and you'll be surprised by how calm and relaxed you feel. EFT treatments include tapping on key acupressure points on your face, neck and hand.

Step 3
Step 4

Anne will set you a little bit of "homework" to help keep you on track. Usually this involves simply thinking about things in a slightly different light. Step 3 invariably results in some unexpected insights enabling you to ENJOY LIFE MORE!

Session Prices

15 minute free telephone consultation to help you decide if you wish to go ahead and make a booking.




75 minutes face-to-face consultations (EFT or Motivation Coaching)
Long-term benefits from one or two sessions but for maximum impact 3 sessions within 3 months.
45 minutes face-to-face consultations for children under 16 years old

(note: parent or carer stays with child during session)
When 3 appointments are paid in advance, you will receive a 10% discount.
Saving £18 on 3 adult sessions
Saving £12 on 3 child sessions


Telephone sessions: In some cases, including people from out-of-area, telephone sessions can work well: usually after having an initial face-to-face consultation with Anne. Telephone sessions are 50 minutes in length and the price is £40.

Motivation Workshops
Workshop Participants
Coaching Clients
Individual Sessions

EFT can assist with:

Anxiety, depression and anger - stress at work, school or home - loss and separation - childhood trauma - emotional eating or drinking - addictions - fears and phobias - serious illness or health concerns - relationship challenges.

What can I expect?

Practical, long term benefits from overcoming stress and emotional pain plus a new tool box with strategies to cope more effectively with life's challenges. You can be assured of confidentiality and a relaxed, down to earth approach, empowering you to take more control of your life.

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EFT or Motivation Coaching will simply help you ENJOY LIFE MORE!