About Anne Todd

Anne Todd EFT and Motivation Coaching

Anne moved from her homeland of Australia to East Sussex in 1995. Some consider her quite mad because she prefers the English climate!

Anne's primary goal is to help people find a happy balance in their lives. In 1997 Anne trained as an authorized teacher of "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" workshops based on the work of Louise Hay. Anne has run hundreds of personal developments workshops in London and the south east of England. In 2001 she completed a Corporate Stress Diploma M.A.S.C. (Corp.) and has enjoyed developing and facilitating workshops and courses to help people reduce stress.

Anne loves writing on personal development matters. She considers that we are all authors of our own experience. Her first book, "HOW ON EARTH can I become positively successful in a negative world?" was published in 1997 (out of print at present). She is currently writing a series of self-help books.

Emotional Freedom Techniques
In 2003 Anne completed Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist Level Training. Anne is a full member of Independent Professional Therapists International and holds IPTI Insurance. She has helped hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds to deal with a wide variety of issues. Her primary aim is to help people enjoy life more!

Anne has also trained in tutoring parenting skills courses including "Incredible Years," "STEP" and "STOP." She has enjoyed facilitating parenting courses in Hastings and St Leonards to support families with young children through to teenager challenges. Anne completed a post graduate Certificate in Emotional Literacy Development in 2007.

Three weekends a year, Anne provides EFT treatments and personal development workshops at beautiful Oxon Hoath Retreats, near Tonbridge, Kent. If you are interested in a personal development workshop, please email to check venues and dates coming up. All year round, Anne is able to offer one-to-one Motivation Coaching as well as EFT treatments in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.


EFT or Motivation Coaching will simply help you ENJOY LIFE MORE!