Case Studies

Case Studies and Feedback

Self-consciousness: A young woman sought EFT to see if it could overcome her frequent severe blushing which she referred to as rosacea. She felt very self-conscious and embarrassed, particularly in work situations, when her face and neck would suddenly turn bright red. We tapped for her underlying anxieties. She soon discovered that she didn't go bright red nearly as often and if and when she did, it no longer caused her the distress it had before. Her new found confidence no doubt played a role in her subsequent career promotions.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): A teenager had OCD tendencies. Her bedroom had to be just so and everything had a rightful place. If her mother accidentally moved anything, then an unpleasant family scene would ensue. Her daughter also had certain routines or rituals which included the length of time she was in the shower and monopolising the bathroom every morning. This was causing problems for the rest of her family. The teenager attended three sessions combining EFT and Motivation Coaching. Afterwards, her mother telephoned to say her daughter had become more co-operative, the family dynamics at home had greatly improved plus her daughter was coping better with friendship groups at school.

Reducing alcohol: A lady booked motivation coaching to help her reduce her alcohol consumption which was also having an impact on her weight gain. She learnt a simple way of breaking her ritual of stopping off at an off licence on her way home from work. She contacted me several months later to report that her car now goes straight around the roundabout without her stopping off to buy a bottle of wine. She was delighted with dropping her drinking midweek and now drinking in moderation on weekends. She said she felt brighter and more confident with the bonus of losing weight as well.

Back Pain: A middle aged gentleman booked an EFT appointment to see if it could help his severe back pain after moving house. He'd been lifting furniture and doing too much physical activity. Initially we tapped so the back pain was more tolerable. He was waiting for an appointment to come through to see a back specialist and in the meantime he found that EFT was helpful. He took heed of the message from his back pain that from now on he needed to pace himself physically. He booked additional sessions to address some issues in his life relating back to early childhood. After a combination of a few EFT and Motivation Coaching sessions, he commented, "this must be working because I'm now getting things done rather than keep putting them off."

Fear of flying: A mother made an appointment for her 9 year old daughter to overcome her fear of flying. The family were flying to Australia in the summer and on a previous flight her young daughter wouldn't eat any food on the plane and felt nauseous for the whole trip. After just one EFT session, the mother reported that her daughter had actually enjoyed the long flight - eating all the food served and not feeling anxious or sick at all.

I received the following letter from one of my EFT clients who has also attended some of my workshops..."I thought you would like to know the following success story. Following my recommendation, my friend came to see you for EFT two years ago. Before seeing you she was seriously thinking of leaving her partner of eight years. But after her EFT session she was able to see the relationship differently. One year on they got married. Six months later, her husband (very unexpectedly) inherited a large sum of money. They now have a wonderful life together both in England and at their home in France." While I was delighted to read this, I also instantly thought to myself, "Why didn't I charge her more for my one EFT session???"

Difficulty breathing, panic attacks: I was attending a morning meeting and a few minutes before the meeting started, another attendee arrived who was looking distressed, coughing badly and having difficulty breathing. I spoke to her and she said she was asthmatic and due to all the fireworks in the area the night before, the smoke that was still in the air was giving her trouble. I asked if she was OK to accompany me to a private area for a few minutes and she agreed to a mini EFT treatment. Within a few minutes she relaxed, her breathing steadied and her distressing symptoms had vanished. She couldn't believe the difference in the way she felt by simply a little bit of tapping and repeating some phrases out loud. We both rejoined the meeting to which she was able to give her full attention without fear of breathing difficulties.

Breast Cancer: "Dear Anne, So, I've had the operation!!! Do you know how much the EFT helped? It helped majorly and I am amazed at my bravery. I was tapping as they wheeled me to the operating theatre and felt so calm. My body was a bit quaky but I trusted the surgeon and the staff who gave me the anaesthetic. I had the operation and the experience was not like the other one on my arm which was so traumatic. Just wanted to let you know how good the EFT is - but you know that anyway! Thank you so much Anne. I don't know if I'd have coped so calmly without your visit that fortuitous Thursday morning - a few weeks ago. All is well." Hilary

Childhood Trauma: "This card comes with a big, big Thank You for making a difference to my life. Our paths crossed at Oxon Hoath three months ago when I had an EFT appointment with you. Those few minutes unlocked in me some awareness that has enabled me - myself, to find out who I am and to like myself - no - love myself for who I am. I am soon to be 60, and I look in the mirror, and I'm OK. I plan to go forward and enjoy whatever years I have left. I have put the past behind me. I've forgiven my Dad. I am reading 'Recovery of your Inner Child' by Lucia Capacchione and 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise Hay. My inner child and I have a lot of fun now. I still use the tapping every day, sometimes several times a day, and I probably will for the rest of my days. Thank you." Ros

Workshops: "The workshop at Oxon Hoath was fantastic - we all had a good time and enjoyed every minute. Please let me know of anything else coming up in the near future so I can pass on information. You have really made such a difference in my life. I thank you so much for all the warmth and great advice you have given me." Carolyn

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