How can EFT help me?

Helping Specific Issues

If you can answer "yes" to any of the following, why not put EFT or Motivation Coaching to the test?

Anxiety, depression, anger, panic attacks: Do you spend too much time over-worrying about things? Do you question your own self-worth, intelligence and capabilities? Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Do you have anger outbursts or over-react to certain situations? Do you lie in bed and would far prefer to stay under the duvet all day long than get up, wash and get dressed? Does it feel better to numb the pain than to feel your true feelings? Is there a heaviness or darkness in your life? Have you thought about counselling but never got around to it?

Stress at work, school or home: Have you ever been bullied by someone at work, someone at school or even bullied by a loved one? Do you worry about the security of your job? Are you a workaholic? Is your work life and home life way out of balance? Do you constantly worry about finances? Do you feel that others don't listen to your opinion or your preferences? Do you think you could be suffering from PTSD or OCD? Do you do your job well but feel bored and restless?

Loss and separation: Are you struggling after a relationship breakup? Are you having difficulties after the loss of a job or redundancy? Are you still finding it difficult to move forward after the death of a loved one?

Childhood trauma: Are you still suffering from something that happened a long time ago? There are many different types and degrees of childhood trauma. While examples of trauma can look very different, each can still have a lasting effect and hold us back from enjoying life in the present moment. Does any of the following bring up an unpleasant feeling in your body: loss of a parent, parents separating, not knowing one or both of your parents, neglect, not being listened to, your views not being considered, power struggles, manipulation, excessive fault-finding and demanding excellence in everything you do, rejection, abandonment, being different to everyone else at school, sexual or physical abuse, being teased or tormented, bullying at school or at home, forgiveness issues, trust issues?

Emotional eating or drinking: Do you over-eat, under-eat or binge? Do you constantly worry about your weight? Do you eat to distract yourself from emotional pain or boredom? Do you drink to numb your feelings or to distract you from a situation you find overwhelming? Do you need a few drinks to feel relaxed and confident in social situations?

Relationship challenges: Do you want to restore and improve your relationship with your partner? Are you at a crossroads and don't know whether to stay in your current relationship or break up? Are you a parent struggling with a young child or your teenager? Does your mother or mother-in-law mean well but drives you crazy? Do you want the courage to wean yourself off spending too much time with certain people (those who have a negative influence on you) and spending more time with those who seem to bring out the best in you? Do you have a power struggle in your relationship? Has your relationship ended and are you still struggling to come to terms with what has happened? Do you allow past experiences to make you suspicious of future relationships?

Addictions: Are you a workaholic or a shopaholic? Do you want to give up smoking? Do you want to curb your drinking habit? Is gambling causing problems in your life? Do you want to eat healthier food more frequently and reduce sugar, chocolate or caffeine? Have you found that getting really angry gets people's attention and you end up getting your own way? Do you feel bad after sleeping with someone? Are you a compulsive fault-finder? Are you constantly worrying about what might happen? We can be addicted to certain behaviour - it's not just substances we can become addicted to.

Fears and phobias: Do you dread the thought of going on a holiday which involves flying? Are you fearful as a driver or passenger in a car? Are you irrationally fearful of spiders or insects? Many people are frightened of wasps, bees, dogs, cows, dentists, heights, public speaking. Are you fearful of dying?

Serious illness or health concerns: I would like to point out that I am a strong supporter of Integrative Medicine. By this I mean combining the best of conventional medicine (allopathic treatments) with alternative approaches including complementary treatments, visualisation, drinking green smoothies, yoga, meditation, relaxation practices or hobbies, EFT and motivation coaching.

How an individual will react to different approaches will vary from person to person. Someone may achieve great therapeutic benefit from an aromatherapy body massage while another person may find that's not their "cup of tea". Sometimes it can be beneficial to try something out and decide for yourself whether it was of help or not.

Listen to your own intuitive messages or gut instinct about what route or routes you want to follow to assist your health.