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EFT and Motivation Coaching

For anyone seeking one-to-one support to overcome comfort eating and drinking or for general stress-busting, EFT and Motivation Coaching can be very beneficial. email: telephone Anne: 07909 581837.

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If you are interested in Aerobics, Zumba and Fitness Pilates classes in Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill, contact Marie Dove - Facebook: mariedovesfitclub email: telephone Marie: 07921 852815

Diets? Gym? Weight Loss Clubs? Fitness Classes?

Every year we are flooded with information about how to lose weight. We are particularly bombarded by diets and health matters at the start of every year straight after Christmas indulgences.

Throughout the year, millions of people around the world start diets, join gyms and weight loss clubs or undertake fitness programmes but, within a short period of time, a great many abandon their good intentions. Sadly, after giving up on their latest diet, some people go on to put on even more weight than before their diet commenced.

For many years, Anne Todd has been fascinated by the world's obsession with being a certain size or looking a certain way. Anne has helped hundreds of people reduce stress, change their eating and drinking habits and turn their lives around using EFT and Motivation Caoching. She loves writing on personal development matters. Anne has buddied up with her good friend, Marie Dove, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience running weight loss clubs and fitness classes. Together, Anne and Marie have written: EAT, DRINK AND BE HEALTHY! Weight Loss Essentials for Overcoming Comfort Eating (and Drinking).

Taking the weight off your mind and body.