What is EFT?

EFT and Motivation Coaching

EFT has sometimes been described as a cross between acupuncture and counselling. It is a talking therapy that includes light tapping on key acupressure points located close to the surface of the face and hands. EFT is a key component of Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine or Meridian Energy Therapies.

Clinical practice is constantly providing more and more examples of the value of EFT and science is rapidly providing evidence for the effectiveness of this simple, non-invasive, intervention. EFT may appear a relatively "new kid on the block" but it was developed over 25 years ago after studying meridian energy systems in the body which people in Ancient China and the East have understood for thousands of years. EFT is not going to go away. It is here to stay. Across the world, thousands of physicians, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists have trained in EFT for the benefit of their clients and patients. Patients in turn have been able to tap on themselves whenever they need to for a boost of confidence, to reduce anxiety or stress or to help in a wide variety of ways in their day to day lives.

What to expect at your EFT treatment
The first part of the session will involve the client briefly talking about the area or areas of their life that they want some help with. Anne will ask some questions and write down a few notes. After demonstrating the areas on the face and hand that will be tapped, Anne will start tapping and ask client to repeat out loud what she says. However, clients are encouraged to change the words spoken out loud in order to ensure that what they say feels true.

During this process, clients can feel emotional but within a very short time they relax, feel calmer and more in control of their feelings and their life. Often they report great "insights" during the tapping rounds that really help them move forward with their lives.

"Homework" - towards the end of the session, Anne will discuss some simple tasks or points of focus for the client in the next few weeks. Anne provides a sheet to help clients do some tapping on themselves whenever they feel like it.

Motivation Coaching
Motivation Coaching supports clients who prefer a talking session rather than "talking and tapping" with EFT. Clients will sit down and talk about the area/s of their life that they are finding challenging and what they would like the future to look like. Anne will ask questions and take some notes.

Anne will offer some practical approaches to finding the solution and direction the client is seeking. Clients are reassured that "Rome wasn't built in a day." Big changes are best achieved through developing new little routines which soon become habits which in turn lead to a new experience of life. Anne will help you develop and maintain your one-step-at-a-time commitment.

"Homework" - towards the end of the session, Anne will discuss some simple tasks or targets for the client in the next few weeks and will provide hand-out sheets to take home to read and digest.

Motivation Coaching will help you with decision making, increase your confidence, self-esteem and develop your "resilience muscles" and tackle the area/s of your life where you have been struggling.

Workshops: If you are interested in a personal development workshop, please email to check venues and dates coming up.

Clients can choose their preferred approach:

Either EFT or Motivation Coaching or a combination of both!